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  • How can I join SIDogs?
    We would love to have you join! You can complete the membership form under "About" on this website or just send us an email, and our membership coordinator at, and she will reach out and get you signed up.
  • Can I join SIDogs if I only live on the island part time?
    Yes! We would love to have you join and participate as you are able.
  • What are the membership dues used for?
    Membership dues support the materials, snacks, and speakers for the SIDogs events.
  • Are dogs allowed at Pelican's Nest?
    No, dogs are not allowed on Club property.
  • Why can't dogs go everywhere on the beach?
    Dogs are prohibited from the north end of the beach to protect the nesting grounds of endangered bird species. On the south end of the beach dogs are required to be leashed because the beach is in front of Camp St. Christopher which often has children campers and beach activities.
  • Is there a dog park on Seabrook Island?
    Currently, there is not a dog park on the island but there is one at Mullet Hall, the county park located on River Road on Johns Island.
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