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SIDOGS is the nickname for the Seabrook Island Dog Owners Group. As a result of the formation of the SIDOGS, we now have a Town of Seabrook Island Ordinance designating an area for our dogs to be "off-leash, but under voice control". For the details see BEACH ORDINANCE on this website.


 SIDOGS' intent is:

  • to provide a unified voice for communication to the Town of Seabrook Island, Seabrook Island Property Owners Association, rental clients, other dog owners and residents of Seabrook Island specific to dog ownership and respectful cohabitation of dogs and all residents of Seabrook Island.

  • Reduce the number of offensive incidents involving dogs through education and communication.

  •  Provide ongoing training opportunities to our membership for obedience and any other issues owners may have with their dogs.

  • Schedule informative and interesting meetings several times a year with guest speakers.

  •  Provide periodic e-mail blasts with updates relative to our group and our upcoming activities.


WHO CAN JOIN? Anyone with an interest in issues affecting dogs on Seabrook Island. Please fill out the form in Membership Form on this website. We are requesting $25 Annual Dues on a voluntary basis; the dues help offset some of the costs involved in our various activities. Please make your check out to S.I.D.O.G.

Guidelines and Rules for Responsible Dog Handling
on Seabrook Island

1. Dogs and their handlers are subject to Rules by the Property Owners Association (POA) and Ordinances by the Town of Seabrook. POA Rules require dogs to be leashed when not on their owner's property except while on the beach in the Designated Area in accordance with the Town's ordinance. Unleashed dogs are not allowed "on any golf course, tennis facility or equestrian area". In some areas "No Dogs" signs are posted and should be respected. When going to the Designated Area  (see Town Ordinance), keep your dog on leash from the time you leave your car, down the boardwalk and on the beach until you reach the Designated Area.


2. You must pick up after your dog at all times and dispose of the bag in the proper receptacles. "Mutt Mitts" are available commercially and the POA provides rolls of bags at the entrance to most boardwalks/beach locations and throughout the island. Have bags with you when you start your walk.


3. No dogs or people are allowed on the dunes at any time. Please help monitor this aspect of our beach preservation - we must protect our dunes.


4. Do not go by yourself or with your dog anywhere near a turtle nest (designated by an orange & white stake) or nesting bird area, even with your dog on a leash.


5. As required by the Town Ordinance, keep your dog below the high water mark.


6. Be sure to give horses on a beach ride enough distance so as not to spook the horses. Always have you dog leashed when horses are in the Designated Area. They have the right to be in that area.


7. Please respect these rules and advise others to do so. We have worked hard to achieve the passage of the Town Ordinance and it will only take a few uninformed individuals to have the Ordinance revoked.

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Lisa Hand              

President and

Membership Coordinator                     

Julie Vesel                     

Treasurer and Director


Jennifer Macdonald



Robin Stebbins 


Karen Nuttall


Debbie Mott      



Karen Stout



Jeff Davis



Peggy Grumski



Somer Hand


Laura Reese


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